The team

Steve Evison – Environmental Entrepreneur, Adventurer and Explorer of the Nearly Wild

Steve is a natural explorer with a fascination for the natural world. He has travelled and worked all over the world, including long periods living in Alaska and Tanzania. Brought up exploring the rivers and marshes of the Norfolk Broads in England, Steve moved to Plymouth to do a degree and spent much of his time exploring the moors and the sea, including qualifying as a diver. Since then he has been based mainly in North Wales (where he also did an MSc in Forestry), with shorter periods working in Scotland and the north of England and a number of years overseas.

The focus of Steve’s work has always been the natural world, and he has worked in practical conservation and contracting, as a nature reserve warden, forester, lecturer, trainer and development worker (overseas). Steve now runs Resources for Change, a company he established, which specialises in community and stakeholder engagement (as you might expect, Steve’s focus is on natural heritage and natural resources).

In his spare time Steve takes part in many outdoor pursuits (including climbing, canoeing, caving, surfing, sailing, and many others) in search of natural world experiences. He is also a keen artist. For Steve, outdoor pursuits are a means of travel, as well as providing some fun and adrenalin!

Irene Evison – Geographer, Explorer, Nearly Wild Runner and Tapestry Weaver.

Irene grew up in Wimbledon in south-west London, though she spent many holidays on the south-west coast and grew up loving the natural world, fuelled by the support and experiences provided by her parents. Irene completed a geography degree at Oxford and then, after a period of time working with Shell, an MSc in Forestry at Bangor.

A turning point in Irene’s life was working in Alaska, where she and Steve met and where she gained a hardy reputation for her work in remote forests only accessed by helicopter (long before GPS and, actually, also without maps!). She went on to work in forestry in South Africa and South America for short periods as well as for a longer period in Tanzania.

As Irene says, she has the perfect job with Resources for Change, being a full-time geographer, though she also devotes part of her time to tapestry weaving. Irene is also a keen long-distance runner and takes part in ultra-marathons when she can, though she ensures she always enjoys the journey and will often shop to take a photograph or enjoy the natural world through which she travels.

Kerry Evison – Outdoor Adventurer, Musician, Artist and Performer

Kerry loves the outdoors, especially when water is involved, being particularly keen on canoeing and kayaking and, when she can get there, surfing and swimming in the sea.

Like all the family, Kerry has backpacked around Anglesey and the Tour du Mont Blanc and has also taken part in numerous other hikes of all types nearer to home. Cadair Idris in winter conditions with Dad at the age of 7 was an early highlight, but now she prefers Duke of Edinburgh and Explorer challenges and trips with her friends.

Kerry is also a keen artist and loves drama. She is involved with Get Your Wigle On in Shrewsbury and also helps run a children’s drama group in Llanymynech village.

Arran Evison – Mountain Biker, Adventurer, Scuba Diver and Film Maker

Arran is a keen mountain biker and has recently become a qualified scuba diver. Now he is constantly finding ways to convince Steve to take him on mad, adrenalin-filled trips!

Like the rest of the family, Arran just loves being out and about. At the age of only 2½ he amazed his parents by walking two thirds of the way up Snowdon’s Watkin path, and most of the way down again. He is nothing if not determined!

Along with Kerry, he has already been involved in some longer backpacking trips and is regularly involved in Duke of Edinburgh and Explorers. Arran loves filming and photography and has started to make many short films about the farm, the surrounding area and his Nearly Wild experiences.

There are many people who help out from time to time, run courses, have helped with building work or have volunteered. Thanks to all of them for their support in making Underhill Farm a reality.

Eco-Location on the Shropshire Welsh border